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As owner of two dogs and a cat ( all rescue), plus another foster dog at various times, our home is one that is never dull. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of the dogs which come to us are not good, both physically and mentally, especially after being treated badly by so called human beings. We help teach them to trust again and learn that all humans are not bad.

All the hard work is worthwile when we see them go to forever homes with lovely new owners that just want to love and spoil them.


I am an avid dog lover and a growing cat lover. I do hope that you enjoy the following content and would appreciate your kind and valued comments below:

In a survey of pet owners, the following questions were asked to determine certain things that pet owners do, but make the rest of the world cringe and wonder:


1): Do You Let Your Pets Sleep With You:


Fifty-Five Percent (55%) of Dog Owners, including myself, let them sleep with them. For cat owners it was seventy-five percent ( 75%). 

Not ashamed to say, that our dogs sleep with us on the bed. They make us feel so safe and warm, especially if the nights are cold and hey come underneath the blankets or dovet.

Do you let your pets sleep with you?  Let us know below.


2): Have You Signed a Card With It’s Photo or Name On It:


Forty percent (40%) of dog owners and twenty-nine percent (29%) of cat owners, have signed a card or photo. 

I don’t know if it’s true more for women, but they say that when they kids eventually leave, the house seems so empty. (The empty nest). Pets appear to fill that space and isn’t that just great for all the pets that need rescued.

Are you a daft pet owner also? Appreciate your kind comments below.


3): Have You Brought Your Pet, Gifts Home From Holidays:

My wife and I plead guilty to this and when we are away, we skype or email to find out how the pets are doing and if they are okay. In relation to gifts at Christmas, they are definetely included and one year they even had their own stockling fillers.

It was found in the survey that fifty-five percent (55% ) of dog owners and forty-three percent (43%) of cat owners bought their pets gifts. I am not surprised at these high figures. Are You? Let us know below.


4): Do You Dress Your Pets in Outfits:

I don’t go in for this, but my wife likes a jumper on them in the cold weather. At Christmas, they each have their Santa or Reindeer jumpers and I must admit that they look really well. Anyway I just love Christmas and everything about this time of year.

In the survey, it was found that around eighteen percent (18% ) of dog owners and five percent ( 5% ) of cat owners dressed their pets. I didn’t thing that this would be so high.

Do You dress your pets in costumes? I would think that this would be more a ladies thing, or am I wrong?

These are other questions which I have added after extensive research.


5): Do You Let Your Pets Kiss You, Ignoring Where The Tongue Might Have Been:

Until I sat down to write this article, I never really thought about this fact. I never give it a second thought and will still let it continue as most pet owners do.

For me it concerns my dogs, because my cat licked me only a couple of times and it was like sandpaper on my face, so I don’t encourage it.

Love to hear your comments below:


6): Do You Say To Your Pets – Time to Do Your Poo or Pee Pee:

This question sounds so silly to me as I am writing it. However I freely admit that I do say this and keep doing it. Our dogs do go out and do their business in the back garden, because they have been trained, but I still tell them the above question.

I am just a bloody daft pet owner who just adores his pets as my wife does.


7): Do You Sing To Your Dog or Tell Them Stories:

I am not guilty of this, because my singing is so awful. However my wife does this and why not. Our kids have grown up and she loves the dogs especially the rescue ones and seeing them grow in confidence again.

If you sing to your pets, what are the songs. let us know below please.


8): Do You Throw Your Pets Birthday Parties:


Apparently this does happen a lot and there are even websites decidated to it. We celebrate “gotcha days” because all our pets are rescued. I know that it celebrates yearly the new life that we have given them.

What do you do on your pets birthday. Love to hear.


9): Do You Take Many Photos Of Your Pet With Your Phone:


I don’t know about you, but my phone is full of photographs of our pets.  I find that they always seem to being something that is adorable and therefore more photos are added to the collection. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The screenshot on my phone and laptop is a photo of our dogs.


10): Do You Talk To Your  Pet On The Phone or The Internet While You’re Away:

Yes we have done this. We are feeling so guilty about leaving them, it’s essential that we tell them that we are missing them, love them and Mummy and Daddy will be home soon.

I am sure that some people think when listening to the conversation,  that we have left our kids at home.


11): Does Your Voice Change When You Are Talking To Your Pets:


I think my voice does slightly, but my wife seems to go into a unusual funny voice when talking to our pets. It’s like  talking to her children and it’s a standing joke between us.


I leave this inspiring quote with you, from an avid dog lover. Take care.


I would appreciate if you would let me know what is your favorite pet quote below: