Dog Rescue Video – A Shelter Dog Saved This Mans Life

We find this story on the dog rescue video below,  to be inspirational.  I think you will too. On our site, we try to celebrate the tremendous bond which exists between owners and their dogs.  Like me, they are just crazy over dogs,  or whatever pet they have. It does not matter if they have come from a rescue organization or a shelter.

Several years ago, Eric was overweight, in fact obese, weighing in at 340 pounds. In addition, he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes.

His doctor told him to buy a funeral plot as he had no more than five years to live. However, everything changed the day he met Peety, a rescue dog, which he adopted from the Humane Society in Silicon Valley.

Please enjoy the video and always try to support your local rescue animal groups and animal shelters. They are staffed by amazing people who do such a tremendous job.

Dog Rescue Video – This Shelter Dog Saved This Man’s Life:


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