My Dog Died Today -A Tribute To My Friend

My dog died today and I’m heartbroken. I had forgotten how much a heart can break.  We used to have two dogs, now we have only one. He was one of my best friends and always made me feel so important.

Whenever I had a bad day and came home, the greeting  just uplifted me because it  made me feel so special. I hope that the following poem can do my special friend justice and also help those dog lovers who have lost their own pet.

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I can’t believe this  fact, that I won’t see you anymore.

I hope I get the words right,  to say how much you were adored

My heart is just breaking now,  for I can’t see through the tears

To realize that I won’t see you again, after all these years.


The joy you brought to all of us throughout your time as a family pet.

The memories that you left with us are just too precious to forget.

I do believe with all my heart, you’ve gone to a better place.

And that in time, we will meet again and I’ll see your lovely face.


Your bed is just so empty where you used to lay.

What will I do with your lead, now you won’t come out to play

You made us feel so special, the home is not the same

Just wanted you to know how much we loved you,  as we struggle with the pain


Thank you for being such a friend, such a special one we found

For our lives were made so much richer,  for you being just around


(c)  John Ward


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