7 Mental and Health Benefits Of Meditation – Backed By Science

What are the mental and health benefits of meditation? Its popularity is definitely increasing because more and more people are discovering these benefits.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what they are. In addition, you will have a more positive outlook on life, plus an increase in tolerance to pain.


mental and health benefits of meditation


Mental and Health Benefits Of Meditation:

1).   Meditation Reduces Stress:

One of the main reasons that people begin to practice meditation, is to help reduce stress in their lives. One medical study, on 3500 adults, confirmed that it does help in this health area.

Increased stress leads to increased levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This can promote depression, increase blood pressure, and also disrupt sleep.

The study showed that stress levels were helped by the practice of meditation. Further research indicated that it can help with other stress-related health issues, such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.

2).  Meditation Can Generate Kindness:

As stated previously, the practice can give one a more positive outlook on life.  This creates increased feelings of positivity towards yourself and others.

The practice can teach people to then extend this kindness and compassion to others, which has been confirmed through studies. The benefits will increase over time, the longer that the art is practiced.

In the areas of anger management and marriage guidance, they have found there are benefits to be obtained, when implementing meditation.

3).   Meditation Promotes Emotional Health:

mental and health benefits of meditation

The practice can give people an improved self-image which in turn gives them a more positive outlook on life.

One study in over 4,000 adults, found that depression was decreased within the group. Cytokines, which are inflammatory chemicals, can lead to depression because they affect the mood of the sufferer.

In another study, patients’ electrical activity within their brains was measured. It was discovered there was increased activity within the areas of positive thinking.

4).   Stress Can help Control Anxiety:

Another study found that patients who practiced meditation regularly, reduced their anxiety, by lowering their stress levels. A study of nurses who implemented the practice was also found to be helpful within their high-pressure work environment.

Other symptoms of anxiety-related disorders, such as panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive behaviors, benefited from meditation.

5).   Meditation Can Help To Improve Sleep:

7 Mental and Health Benefits Of Meditation - Backed By Science

Most people are unaware that nearly fifty percent of the population struggle with sleep problems, at some time.

In one study, those that practiced meditation had better sleep patterns than those that did not.

Meditation can help relax your body, which releases tension, which in turn helps you fall asleep sooner.

6).   Meditation Can Help Control Pain:

In times of stress, your pain threshold can be increased, as shown through various clinical studies.  One study showed that those who practiced meditation reported less sensitivity to the issue of pain.

In another study, those that practiced meditation on a regular basis, experienced decreased complaints of pain, to those that did not practice.

7). Meditation Can Help To Decrease Blood Pressure:

By decreasing blood pressure, it means that the heart has to work less and therefore this improves your physical health. High blood pressure is definitely not good for you, because it can lead to narrowing of the arteries, which in turn can lead to strokes or heart attacks.

In a study of nearly 1000 volunteers, their blood pressure was reduced on average, by nearly 5 points. It, therefore, reduces strain on the heart area, which in turn prevents heart attacks.


People who practice meditation, don’t require specialized equipment or lots of space. The best thing about the art is it only requires several minutes daily, on a consistent basis, to derive the full benefits.

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