inspirational quotes for coronavirus| covid 19

21 Inspirational Quotes For Coronavirus | Covid-19

We hope that these inspirational quotes for  Coronavirus | Covid-19, in video and picture formats, will help get you through these uncertain and scary times. In these very stressful and unprecedented times, we more than ever, need a reason to smile. With numerous countries on lockdowns, and understandably so, the news is, therefore, far from …

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new year inspirational quote

Top 20 New Year Inspirational Quotes

Please enjoy these inspirational new year quotes, in video and picture formats, to help make 2021 the best year yet for you and to help start the year with a feeling of optimism.  We definitely need it in these unprecedented times. Every new year offers us an opportunity for a fresh beginning and a new …

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Top 23 Sir Richard Branson Quotes

We love inspirational quotes from successful people, who have made their mark in life,  such as Sir Richard Branson success quotes. He was born in London, England, and is an English business magnate, an author, and a philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies, and started his first business at …

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steve jobs inspirational quotes

21 Steve Jobs Inspirational Quotes For Life

We love motivational quotes from famous people such as those from Steve Jobs inspirational quotes for life.  It’s hard to imagine the world without Apple products. I have an iPhone and my wife has her iPad which she truly thinks is amazing. It’s so simple to use and work with and that was one of …

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Christmas Quotes

Motivational Christmas Video Quote – Peace On Earth

We hope another  Christmas motivational quote, in video and picture formats, is making you feel good and bringing a smile to your day.  If you do celebrate  Christmas, I hope you are surrounded by those that you love. I recognize that not everyone does, because of issues in their lives. I hope for them, they …

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