Important Life Lessons Learned – What Are Yours….

What are the important life lessons you have learned to date?  The biggest one I have learned in life is having the correct attitude in dealing with the inevitable setbacks that we will all encounter in life.  It will help so much towards having a happy and successful life.

I only learned this recently after worrying too much about what people think and also being scared of making mistakes. Basically, it was all down to low self-esteem.

I asked this question to get life lessons from other folks and got the following answers. I would really love to hear yours in the comments below:

Best Answer:


You are the one responsible for all that happens to you.  You are the one who is the owner of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, you can control only yourself and no-one else.

It is a curse to be a prisoner to your own limited perceptions, to constantly think and worry and to blame others for what you have allowed.

Just accept yourself, your mistakes, your past, the way things are, and strive for what you will but take responsibility for all that happens to you despite some things being unavoidable you do choose how you react, be kind to people; that is the proper way to treat people, as you never know fully another has been through. Perhaps just like you, they have endured too much for too long.


Other Answers Were:


The thing I have learned is that people will keep discouraging you for whatever you do but we shouldn’t care about it. Otherwise, we won’t be able to face bad times.


I agree with very much. It makes you avoid self-pity.

There is always someone better and someone worse.  – (Source: – My own life Experiences, we live to learn.)


Do not take life too seriously. Or it will drag you down


Life can be compromised very easily.


This is another one I have learned a lot of times in my life.  Never judge anyone~ You never know what they’re dealing with.


One of the biggest…

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

Source: JKRowling, Harry Potter1


Terrible to quote when it should be my lesson in particular, but of this, I’m quite a fan;

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” – Robert Frost


That life is not fair…


That your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations create your reality.


The biggest thing I’ve learned in life to date: –  People will never be fully happy. There’s always going to be something to moan about.


Compassion. Or whatever you call don’t piss people around you


So what lessons have you learned? I love to know below. We sincerely hope that the above information has been of help.

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