acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Stories – Paid Forward By…….

A regular customer to a local diner in Vermont ordered her regular breakfast after doing her night shift at the Vermont Medical Center. After finishing her meal, she also paid for the meal for a couple of customers, who she didn’t know, a father and son. Then she went home to get some sleep. What …

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Inspiring Real Life Short Stories – Born With One Leg

Here is another inspiring real-life short story, which I hope will inspire you towards your own dreams. No goal or dream of value is easy to obtain and the path is usually hard and at times seems impossible. So don’t give up on yours, enjoy the story, and don’t give up on yourself and life. …

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Dog Lovers – Having a Bad Day………..

Yesterday I had one of those bad days where I should never have gotten out of bed. Nothing seemed to go right and I had no energy for anything or anyone. We all have them and as I hope you know now, I love dogs. Couldn’t do without them. As this lovely quote says: I …

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Inspirational Stories

Real-Life Inspirational Story – ( Hollywood Script?)

Wil Smith’s real-life inspirational story is one that would appear to be just made for a Hollywood script. Unfortunately, he died from colon cancer at just forty-six years of age. He became an inspiration to so many people and his inspirational story was featured on  The Today Show and Oprah. Born in the state of …

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