Cool Halloween Quotes – Have A Great Night

Halloween will be with us soon and in honor of this upcoming holiday and the spookiest time of the year, let’s take a look at some of my favorite cool Halloween quotes. Please enjoy, before you head out the door with your amazing Halloween costume, please check out these marvelous inspirational Halloween quotes and sayings. …

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Important Life Lessons Learned – What Are Yours….

What are the important life lessons you have learned to date?  The biggest one I have learned in life is having the correct attitude in dealing with the inevitable setbacks that we will all encounter in life.  It will help so much towards having a happy and successful life. I only learned this recently after …

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The Secret Of Being Happy

In life, you can look at other people who are smiling, full of life and you do wonder “What’s the secret of being happy?” At certain times in our lives, we will feel that the world is too much to bear. The problems surrounding health, money, or relationships can seem to be overwhelming. Looking back, …

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acts of kindness

Random Act Of Kindness Stories – An Elderly Couples Bill..

We here at Log Fires For The Heart, do love random acts of kindness stories because when you read or listen to the news, it is nearly always negative. The aim of the site is to spread some positive news instead of stories like the one below. This story comes from Port Elizabeth in South …

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Christmas Quotes

Inspirational Christmas Quote In June – Don’t Worry……..

Inspirational Christmas quote in June. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the date, but someone said to me the other day that she wished it could be Christmas more often. Her reason was very valid, is because everybody appears so much nicer and kinder around this season, which I totally agree with. So as a request, …

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