feel good quotes

17 Feel Good Inspirational Quotes

We sincerely hope that these feel good inspirational quotes, in video and picture formats will help you, especially if you are going through a hard time in your life.  Unfortunately, none of us can escape these rough times, but they will also remind us to appreciate those good times. When we reflect on things, this …

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Christmas Quotes

Motivational Christmas Video Quote – Christmas Is Like ……..

We do hope that you are enjoying another motivational  Christmas quote if you do observe the festive season.  If you are having a rough time in your life, we sincerely hope these quotes motivate and uplift you. With regard to this quote, we do wish that the spirit of Christmas could last all year because people …

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Julia Roberts Quotes

Top 7 Julia Roberts Inspirational Video Quotes

Find great life lessons from these top 7 Julia Roberts inspirational quotes  Here are some of the many inspirational quotes for life on video and picture quotes,  from someone who has made their mark in life. She is an American actress and producer, who was born in Smyrna, Georgia, and became a star in Hollywood …

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inspirational buddha quotes

Top 17 Inspirational Buddhist Video Quotes For Living Today

We hope that the following inspirational Buddhist | Buddha quotes, in video and picture formats, will inspire you and make you that bit wiser for the daily battle called life. Buddha – Siddhārtha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Shakya Republic, and is recognized as the primary figure in Buddhism. Known as the Buddha, he was …

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10 Inspirational Video Quotes for Life Lessons

We do hope that these inspirational quotes for life lessons below, in video and picture formats, can help you in some way. They are from famous and successful people who have made their mark in life. We are all fighting a daily battle called life and as we live, we learn valuable life lessons. Some …

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